Silvia Cardenas

MTTP Teacher

Silvia Cardenas is a lead teacher for Mindful Kids Miami- Mindful Teacher Training Program (MTTP), having apprenticed under lead (MTTP) teacher Valerie DeWitt and Linda Mackenzie for the the past two years.  Silvia attended the IJ-MBSR program with Valerie York-Zimmerman during the Fall of 2015, and immediately began training in mindfulness for children by completing the Mindful Teacher Training Program in the Winter of 2016. Prior to retiring from teaching with Miami-Dade County Public Schools in June 2017, she had been working with regular and special-needs students between the ages of 4 to 8 over the prior 18 years.



Being part of the most important and precious moments of the development of the little ones assigned to her year after year made her passion grow. Looking for ways to allow them to develop not only in the academicrealm but also, and more importantly, from a personal one, stimulating their development as good-hearted human beings. It led her to generateenthusiasm for mindfulness training so that a number of her fellow teachers at David Lawrence, Jr. K-8 Center and herself enrolled in the Mindful Kids Miami mindfulness program held at her school.

Witnessing her student’s display their eagerness to practice daily has been incredible! Mindful Kids Miami has been a source of inspiration for her and so many teachers that believe that the practice of mindfulness in the classroom brings that space of calm, understanding, clear vision, care and emotional balance that we all need.