Mindfulness-Based Schools Training (MBST)

“It is said that the teacher’s presence in the classroom is the unwritten curriculum. The transformation of our schools and our society begins with the transformation of ourselves through the practice of cultivating mindful awareness.”

–Adele Little Caemmerer, Artist & Educator, Art Instructor at the American Embassy School in New Delhi, India 1998-2013 and at Taipei American School, Taipei, Taiwan 1988-1992



Program Details

  • 2.5 hour classes (1st & 7th class times is 3 hrs) 
  • Meet once a week for 14-weeks
  • All-day silent retreat
  • Guided audio recordings will be provided
  • MBSR manual provided 
  • MTTP Guidebook provided
  • Other materials to support practice

Continuing education (CE) credits available for this course.

Class Fee

$800 per person

$200 (75% off) for Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS) Educators 

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Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS) Educators receive 41 Master Plan Points.  By registering with Mindful Kids Miami, you will secure a seat in the course.  Please also register on M-DCPS My Learning Plan for Master Plan Points (MPP).   To be eligible to receive MPP you must attend all classes and complete the M-DCPS Online Survey.  Link to Mindful Kids Miami Registration Site will also be Posted on M-DCPS Weekly Reader.  Read more about this program.

CEs intended for:  Chemical Dependency Counselors, Creative Arts Therapists, Nurses, Educators, Counselors/Marriage and Family Therapists, Social Workers, Psychoanalysts, Psychologists.  Credits to be paid at the end of the course.  Costs is $50. You must sign-in and out for each class to receive credits.

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Over the past decade, training in mindfulness – the intentional cultivation of moment-by-moment non-judgmental focused attention and awareness – has spread to education.  

Mindful Kids Miami’s Mindfulness-Based Schools Training (MBST) program was developed after extensive study, practice and experience. This two-phase, 14-week program offers training to teachers in both public and private schools, from pre-K through the 12th grade. Mindful Kids Miami approach emphasizes actually practicing mindfulness or being mindful rather than only studying.

Effective teaching requires habits of mind associated with mental flexibility, emotion regulation, and relationship management skills (Helsing, 2007; Schutz & Zembylas, 2009; Zapf, 2002). By cultivating the habit of being flexibly attentive, teachers may be better able to respond to students’ needs proactively, a key contributor to effective classroom management (Marzano, Marzono, & Pickering, 2003). In addition, teachers must problem solve “on the fly” as they interact with students of varying levels of maturity and readiness to learn. To do this in a manner that avoids unequal treatment and opportunities to learn among students with different backgrounds requires great awareness, empathy, and mental flexibility (Chang, 2009). Emotion regulation is especially important because if teachers become overly stressed in the classroom, they cannot leave in order to compose themselves but must self-regulate in the presence of the class and the stress itself, such as a student’s disruptive behavior (Roeser et al., 2012).

Training is in two phases:

First Phase: is a 6-week experiential course that teaches practical ways to integrate mindfulness into your daily life and build and sustain a personal mindfulness practice, which is the foundation of sharing mindfulness with others.  Starting with exploring the themes and elements of the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction that support that foundation.   

Second Phase – Mindful Teachers Training Program (MTTP): is an 8-week fun and experiential training for educators training them to teach age-appropriate mindfulness practices, games, activities, and skills based on social-emotional learning.

The 4 modules below are meant to provide a set of tools to be woven skillfully by the Teacher at appropriate times to support themselves and their students.

  • Mindful Movement brings children into an awareness of their bodies and changing physical sensations as they move through various poses which take them out of automatic pilot; it also teaches awareness of breathing.
  • Mindful Games & Exercises teaches children how to pay attention and to increase focus.
  • Mindful Relaxation relaxes children through guided awareness of breathing, felt sensations in the body, feelings, etc., which helps regulate over-stimulation and teaches proper breathing.
  • Kindness Practices increases compassion and empathy in children both for themselves and others; leads to increased understanding of differences as well as a sense of connection with themselves, others, and the world around them.

These methods train children and youth to pay attention, strengthen focus, increase impulse control, regulate behavior, and cultivate tolerance, compassion and empathy for themselves and others.  The second phase of the training is when teachers experience for themselves how mindful awareness can be taught to students in age-appropriate, child-friendly ways. This program equips them with skills to create experiential learning in their own classrooms whether they are teaching Pre-K or high school seniors. 

“Mindfulness should be a class required for all teachers! As teachers, we give so much all day, we need these tools to also give to ourselves what we give to others go generously. This class has awoken me to live my life with compassion, acceptance and no judgement.”

Cristina M. Vazquez-Villegas, MAST Academy

“The Mindfulness Program taught me how to breathe easier, walk lighter and think clearer. I will take what I have learned and share it with my loved ones, my students, and anyone who wants to live mindfully.”

Keisha Williams, teacher, Madie Ives Community Elementary

“Bringing mindfulness into my classroom has had a positive impact on my students. More teachers need this training.”

Joanne Kraus, MTTP Grad

“This program has changed my life and the lives of my students. We now begin each class breathing and doing mindfulness movements. I have definitely noticed more calmness within the class.”

Glenda Algaze, Health Academy Head, Miami Lakes Technical Senior High School

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