Carolyn Sant Angelo

MTTP Teacher

Carolyn is one of the teachers for the Mindful Teacher Training Program (MTTP) and has been inspired and guided by Mindful Kids Miami for the past few years working under the direction of Valerie DeWitt, Linda McKenzie and Silvia Cardenas.  She has co-taught MTTP courses at Barry University and North Miami Elementary.   She has worked as an instructional facilitator for Broward County Schools and is a National Board-Certified Teacher with over 25 years of experience working in elementary and middle schools. Her commitment and enthusiasm, coupled with her dedication, successfully supports the learning of her adult and young students.  She has instructed and supported learning with gifted, science, Cambridge and Title 1 students.  As her passion for mindfulness has grown, she integrates mindfulness and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) with her classes and is not surprised by the positive results she sees in her students. She designed a course for a STEM Magnet program called “Holistic Horticulture: Growing Inside and Out” that integrates the components of mindfulness, self-management and urban gardening. Carolyn has begun her training to become an MBSR instructor through the Center For Mindfulness at the University of California, San Diego.

She is also part of the Broward County SEL Sub-cadre at Parkway Middle School and is the lead teacher for Mindful Mondays and other SEL school-wide activities.  She is continuing her education with courses in Conscious Discipline and Social Emotional Learning.  Her personal practice was deeply enriched by the Mindful Kids Miami MBSR and MTTP programs and she was inspired to share that gift with others by becoming an MTTP instructor.  Recently she attended a Mindfulness Immersion Course led by Zayda Vallejo and Mindfulness Based Self-Compassion course taught by Patricia Isis.  Carolyn grew up on a farm surrounded by woods in Pennsylvania and found solace and serenity in nature.  She graduated from the University of Colorado in Boulder with a degree in Elementary Education. She currently lives in Davie, Florida with her husband, Scott. Together, they have 4 adult children and a rescued golden retriever name Rukah. (Rukah means divine breath in ancient Aramaic).  Last year Carolyn and her husband were able to take a sabbatical and traveled and hiked in different National Parks and in different countries around the globe while writing a blog called that highlighted their adventures with mindfulness, poetry and nature.  The philosophy of blending compassion with wisdom is something she works on everyday as she travels the path of becoming more mindful, knowing that the journey requires us to begin again and begin again by simply noticing and being present.  She is honored to support mindfulness through the Mindful Kids Miami programs.