Avis Feldman

MTTP Teacher

Avis Feldman is a co-lead teacher for Mindful Kids Miami- Mindful Teacher Training Program (MTTP), having apprenticed under lead (MTTP) teacher Valerie DeWitt and Linda Mackenzie for the past two years.  Avis attended the IJ-MBSR program with Valerie York-Zimmerman during the winter of 2016, and immediately began training in mindfulness for children by completing the Mindful Teacher Training Program. Additionally, she spent some time working with selected campers in Camp Honey Shine at Carrollton School in Coconut Grove during two summers.  During her professional career, Avis designed her own curriculum and taught classes at Miami-Dade College through the Parenting Center in such courses as Parent-Infant Enrichment and Toddler Movement.  In 2015, she retired after completing 35 years of teaching kindergarten through sixth grade in the Miami-Dade County Public Schools, Avis has degrees in early childhood and elementary education from the University of Florida.

Avis dedicated most of her adult life to the education, growth and well-being of children and students. She currently co-teaches in the weekly Toddler Storytime Program through the Miami-Dade County Public Library System and works with grieving children and their families at the Children’s Bereavement Center.

Once Avis pursued her training through MKM and began to acquire a skill set that meshed seamlessly with her own active meditative practice, she realized the potential impact these combined components of skill and practice could have on those who seek MTTP training. When the qualities of compassion, empathy, kindness, patience and gratitude are infused within this practice it can become a positive and dedicated force for change. Thus, these components can provide the foundation or building blocks for allowing one’s transformation of life’s experiences.

Avis continues to be grateful for the opportunity to work with others who dedicate themselves to enhancing their own daily lives as well as impacting the daily lives of those they serve.