Alexandra Bellon

MTTP Teacher

Alexandra Bellon is an advocate for growth in all areas of life. In the year 2010, Alexandra acquired a BS in Elementary Education and has been working with children for over 10 years.  Throughout her years in the classroom, she quickly realized their needed to more emphasis in the area of social and emotional learning. In 2017, she completed the Professional Coaching Program at the University of Miami and attained a PCC level accreditation. Her experience brining her coaching knowledge and mindfulness to the school setting created such a positive transformation. Seeing how it provided a more pleasant and positive environment, created academic gains and decreased behavioral issues, she knew she wanted to share her findings
with other educators.

Since then, Alexandra has built a character education program based on mindfulness attitudinal qualities and coaching techniques to maintain an educational community where teachers and
students practice self-awareness, empathy, gratitude, and noticing the present moment.  She is currently involved in the Peace Education Program and continues to explore ways to enhance her own life and the lives of others.  Her drive for purpose and growth has led her to teaching the Mindfulness Schools’ Training Program and Mindfulness Teacher Training Program where she applies her background as an
Elementary School Teacher and facilitates what she’s learned in her Mindfulness training with Mindful Kids Miami.

“I truly believe learning can be much more profound, if we give time and space to exploring
ourselves and noticing how we interact with the world”