Flora Harrington

MTTP Teacher 
Flora Harrington is a co-lead teacher for Mindful Kids Miami-Mindful Teacher Training Program (MTTP), having apprenticed under lead teacher (MTTP) Valerie DeWitt and Linda McKenzie for 2 years. Flora attended the MBSR class  with Valerie York Zimmerman during the winter of 2015 and immediately began training in mindfulness for children by completing the Mindful Teacher Training in the Fall of 2015. Flora has a been a teacher with Miami-Dade County Public schools for more than 20 years and has been working with students with disabilities for 19 years. She is currently working with students on the autism spectrum in a self-contained class.
Flora introduced mindfulness to her students and she and the parents have witnessed positive results with her students as they become more focused and calm in the classroom environment and at home.
Flora shares her passion for mindfulness with family and friends who seek ways to comfort themselves in a fast paced, hectic lifestyle, as well as leading meditations for her daughter’s online coaching community, Class Fit.
Flora is honored to be a part of MTTP  and continues to support the Mindful Kids Miami motto.  “Strong Hearts Strong Minds.” She knows that we can assist our students in reaching their highest potential and give them tools that will serve them throughout their lives.