Can Mindfulness & Gratitude Practices Reduce Physical Pain? Studies Say Yes.
November 9, 2021

Got Gratitude? The Power of Students Giving Thanks

Most of us know gratitude makes us feel good, but did you know that gratitude can be an impactful school lesson? Reducing depression and envy, increasing positive emotions, motivation and even grades are just some of the results of gratitude being brought into the classroom.


Student Overwhelm

We have all dealt with or are still dealing with some degree of challenge due to parent, educator and peer expectations. What’s more recent are the bombardments for attention due to technology and social media, and student’s increased feelings of uncertainty of the future due to the Corona virus.

These factors and more add to unhealthy levels of student overwhelm and stress.


New Studies on Students

According to research published by Froh et al. “experiencing and expressing gratitude comprise a simple way to counter negative appraisals of school and increase school bonding and social adjustment.” Students that practice gratitude several times a week report feeling more satisfied with life and school and become more generous with others

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