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September 28, 2021
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Mindfulness & The Digital World

Mindfulness is a purposeful journey of self-compassion, awareness, and discovery. Being more present in our daily lives allows us to know our thoughts and experiences and take in the moments we share with others.

In a world that’s constantly moving and digitally-focused, how does mindfulness fit in?


Being Mindful in a Digital World

Research shows many benefits of living a more mindful life. These gains can translate to a digital space. Here are a few examples of how mindfulness can serve as a bridge within a technology-driven world.

Example 1:

On social media you see that a friend has had a baby or a big milestone accomplishment. Pausing and bringing awareness to their joy allows us to connect with that person through technology and share in their happiness.

Example 2: From breaking news on social media to an opinion gone viral, digital spaces create opportunities to examine our values and perspectives. Pausing with self-compassion and presence in reactive moments allows us to exercise self-reflection, becoming better acquainted with ourselves, and listening more openly to others.

As our digital world continues to grow, we can bring balance into our lives through mindful awareness. Paying attention to the signs when we reach our screen time limits and allowing ourselves to tune into our lives, our surroundings and loved ones.


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