Mindfulness & The Digital World
October 4, 2021
Is Technology Negatively Impacting Our Morality?
October 19, 2021

How Mindfulness Can Help Alleviate Social Media Pressures

Doesn’t it feel like our world is just one big social media outlet sometimes? Many of us wake up, grab our phones, and open one of the many platforms. Others may try to set a limit of social media time. No matter how often you use social media, it’s impact on our world is striking. Across the globe, we have witnessed social media drive political change, raise billions of dollars for those in need, help family and friends stay connected even in the face of a pandemic – and so much more. So, how does this translate to mindfulness? As we strive to become more aware, more present, and more intentional – can the pressures of social media be too much?


There is a common dialogue that social media can be discouraging, disparaging, and even addicting. There have been studies about the effects of social media on our mindsets as individuals as well as communities


Practicing mindfulness can help us minimize the detrimental impacts of social media in our lives by becoming aware of our experience of what we are consuming. Next time you are scrolling through your Instagram or Facebook page, check in with yourself. How do you feel during and after?


Looking to reduce your time on social media? We invite you to try some of the steps below and pay curious attention to how less social media time impacts you and your connection with others.


Turn Off Notifications

There is something daunting about continuously seeing red notifications on our phones or computers. They can stay with you, even if you elect to not engage with the notification until a later time. Turning off the notifications can allow you to focus on the here and now instead.


Download Helpful Tools

While it might seem antithetical to download more apps, the truth is technology is not the problem. How we use and interact with technology and the impacts we allow it to have in our lives is more important. Utilizing helpful tools that can help you set specific times to practice mindfulness or mindfulness mediation is a great step in balancing technology better.

  • Get more sleep and remove blue light Flux
  • Stay focused Flipd
  • Track screen time & change habits → Moment


Remove Toxic Apps

If we pay attention, we can identify the apps that make us feel unfulfilled or that often take us away from important real-life moments. If an app is proving to be too toxic or addictive, you can choose to challenge yourself and simply remove it.


Set Boundaries

Last, but not least, set attainable boundaries. Scrolling through social media first thing in the morning or right before bed is not recommended. A positive and productive day is created through each choice, so, choose wisely when you invite social media to enter it.


Let us know how we can help you on your mindfulness journey. We’re here for you.

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